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It’s our mission to stimulate local innovation in Budapest and the Central European Region through exponential technology. We are actively looking for partners to help us realize this goal by sponsoring either the GIC in Budapest, or help us create an innovation hub in the heart of Budapest.

We’re building a local community around exponential technology in Budapest. It’s important to get startups, entrepreneurs, corporates, students and even government officials involved in this proces. The future is arriving faster than anticipated, and it can change our jobs – lives and even future perspective in a positive way. In order to achieve this, we host the Global Impact Challenge to stimulate entrepreneurs in the region to think exponential. How can you influence the lives of millions positively? Besides this, we regularly host events with renowned international speakers.

Questions? Get in touch with us 

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[luv_team image=”51″ name=”Rita Veres” position=”Chapter President ” linkedin=”https://hu.linkedin.com/in/rita-veres-6b58428/nl”]Leadership expert – Market Lead at Aon Hewitt – Initiator of Singularity Budapest


[luv_team image=”50″ name=”David Trayford” position=”GIC Project Manager” linkedin=”https://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidtrayford/nl”]Founder-thehub.hu – Team Project Coach at Singularity University[/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”49″ name=”Remco Veenenberg” position=”Chapter Lead” linkedin=”https://hu.linkedin.com/in/remco-veenenberg-8982a7a6″ twitter=”https://twitter.com/thecityai”]Artificial Intelligence- Budapest AI – Singularity University[/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”48″ name=”András Uzsák” position=”Project Manager” linkedin=”https://hu.linkedin.com/in/andrasuzsak/nl”]Delegation to the European Parliament – GIC Project Manager & Support[/luv_team]