We are looking for partners

We are not just looking for sponsors but for partners to help us positively impact the local ecosystem. 

Global Impact Challenge sponsors are corporations, NGOs, foundations, and educational institutions that are passionate about improving the lives of millions of people, and willing to support novel ideas and assist in their implementation through sponsorship.

Since 2010, worldwide:

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Why sponsor a GIC or Singularity University Budapest?

Help positively impact 1 billion people in
the next decade using exponentially
growing technologies.

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In the world of technology, being informed & up to date with current developments is a key factor of success. By partnering with Singularity University, you and your organisation will stay informed on the newest developments thus gaining an advantage in your local ecosystem.

Capitalise new ideas

Singularity University offers access to the newest technologies. By partnering with us, you & your organisation will have a unique glimpse into future technologies and possibilities through world-class experts and entrepreneurs. We will also help you incorporate the latest solutions.

Communication & Branding

By sponsoring SU Budapest, your brand will be tied to a international recognised organisation, and your name will be mentioned in all our events, GIC’s and chapter developments.


Singularity University sponsors get recognised as a player in innovation space and entrepreneurial ecosystem and get access to the strong international SU network

Events & Board position

– Access to the alumni events & network

– Exclusive dinners with the SU network – members and alumini